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Conservatories and Orangeries in High Peak, Derbyshire

Conservatory or Orangery - What's the difference?

Traditionally speaking a conservatory is all glass, whereas an orangery is part brick and part glass. However, in recent years these boundaries have become blurred with many conservatories now featuring dwarf brick walls as a base for the glass elevation. There are many other interchangable features too, so at Peak Taylorglaze we don’t get hung up on terminology; if you tell us what you want to achieve, we'll build modern conservatory or orangery to your exact specification.

Both conservatories and orangeries offer a wonderful extension to your home. Adding fantastic space and light, they transform your property so you can enjoy your outside space from the inside too. It used to be that conservatories and orangeries were too cold during the winter months, now, due to the modern high standards of the building and glazing, the space will remain warm and cosy throughout the year.


Conservatories in DerbyshireDouble Glazed Conservatories

A conservatory can create a wonderful new space in your home to relax and entertain in. Adding a Peak Taylorglaze conservatory onto your home can immediately provide the extra light and living space that you've always desired. Thanks to modern high quality and energy efficient materials one of our light and airy conservatories will blend naturally with your home and remain cosy and inviting throughout the seasons.

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Orangeries in DerbyshireDouble Glazed Orangeries

Orangeries are wonderfully light and airy spaces due to the amount of glazing but also tend to have a more substantial appearance, the extra brickwork enabling the orangery styling to blend even more seamlessly with your home. A Peak Taylorglaze orangery represents the best of both worlds - combinating the benefits and attractive looks of a conventional extension with the extra light and feel of a stunning sun room.

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